Piano C

Work meets Women

We are a reference point in Italy supporting the active participation by women and the increase in the number of women in the employment market. We seek to empower women, and to enhance their talent and leadership opportunities.

Professional reintegration programs

We have developed and tested the “Work Design”. We work to re-engage and re-energise people in search of work, those who are under employed and those who have become demotivated.

Our method helps people to focus on their talents, to construct a professional identity to reflect their whole self and to create a greater awareness of personal-professional resources and opportunities.


In a constantly changing employment market, it is essential to stay up to date. We offer high quality training at affordable prices, aimed at those who want to enter the digital world, or to improve the quality of their work.

Whether at a basic or advance level, our courses are led by experts in their field. Each course syllabus is regularly updated to respond to current trends and the training needs of those we work with.

CSR & CSV partnership

We work with companies to support women's talent through awareness campaigns and “return to work” courses. Companies benefit by improved brand reputation and brand awareness.

Thanks to the contribution of numerous charitable organisations and businesses, we are able to share our new model for a work-life synergy and our professional redesign services with the highest possible number of women.

Work-life balance consultancy

We offer advice to companies to help them develop smart working plans, work-life balance solutions and time-saving services. We offer assistance to those looking to improve maternity arrangements and long-term sickness absence management.

Balance between work and life for their employees is one of the main factors in how companies are percieved. We use our experience to create work-life balance solutions that are tailored to the needs of each company that we work with.

Internal Talent Development

We both help companies to support and develop their existing talent and to increase their ability to recruit externally by improving how they are percieved by employees in the market place.

We promote the centrality of talent understood as a potential value and the qualification of personal-professional skills with the purpose to enhance diversity.